Intelligent Ad Bidding Powered By Machine Learning

The advertising bidding algorithm uses conversion rate prediction and lead value prediction from our Purchase Intent Intelligence suite and focus clients' resources on traffic which converts at a higher rate and increases advertiser return on ad spend (ROAS) based on advertiser goals which can be adjusted using the campaign strategy manager.

Keyword Bidding Algorithm Based On Purchase Intent

Leverage AI powered marketing intelligence and predictive analytics to bid for traffic with high purchase intent and high lead value. As well as a focus on reaching advertiser goals, the system can also predict the optimum CPA/ROAS advertiser targets for even greater ROAS for advertisers.

Powered By Machine Learning (BETA)

The platform’s Intelligent Ad Bidding algorithm leverages technological advances in predictive analytics and machine learning to predict the optimum bid price at any given moment on a certain keyword or audience. Machine learning algorithms adapt and evolve as consumer trends and behaviours continually change.

Audience, Demographic, Location Bidding

The bidding algorithm uses GDPR/CCPA compliant data feeds to predict where bid prices should be higher or lower in certain audiences, demographics or locations, dependant on marketing intelligence insights.

Industry Specific Bidding Settings (e.g. Travel, Finance, Healthcare)

Bidding settings can be adjusted for certain industry types using industry focused marketing study data and real-time data feeds. All data used by is anonymous, non-personal and GDPR/CCPA compliant.
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