Acquisition Calculator

A tool to check the market conditions of your industry during COVID-19. With so much uncertainty of how the markets are performing during the global COVID-19 crisis, has developed a tool for advertisers to check the cost of acquisition of leads and the profits and revenue they can expect using our platform.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Acquisition Calculator

Check the estimated current price of leads in the market for Google Ads search advertising using our platform with different budget options and targeting locations.

Traffic Search Volumes & Trends

See traffic volumes for different search keywords and budget options on Google Ads search, and also see monthly and seasonal traffic trends.

Campaign Revenue, Profit Checker

Answer a few simple questions into our tool to check the revenue and profit levels you can expect from a Google Ads search campaign using our platform.

Search Keyword List Generator

See most popular search queries related to certain keywords, the average cost per click of these keywords and the competition level.